US – Russian Relations deteriorating as Kuwaiti Whistle Blower Discloses Secret Syria War-Plan

Christof Lehmann

The spokesperson of Russia´s Foreign Ministry Alexander Lukashevich criticized the United States for its biased interpretation of the Geneva Communique on Syria, and for US State Department Speaker Victoria Nuland´s statement, that the USA will continue aiding the National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces. US – Russian relations have been frozen since US Secretary of State John Kerry granted additional USD 60 million for the subversion. The recent revelation, by a member the general secretariat of Kuwait´s National Party, according to whom the USA and Qatar are planning to divide Syria into small-states, is likely to further cool down east-west relations.

(…) If al-Hamad´s statements can be independently confirmed, they constitute direct evidence for, that the Syria part of the USA´s Greater Middle East Project is being implemented and precisely by whom, under which conditionalities.

If al-Hamad´s statements can be confirmed, which is not unlikely, they are also direct evidence of, that the USA is committed to wage a series of low-intensity conflicts along the soft, oil-rich underbelly of Russia and China, from the Mediterranean to Baluchistan, in preparation of an ultimate war, directed against Russia and China. Recent declarations by the US administration, that it will significantly reduce the number of troops deployed abroad, and that the USA will reduce defense spending, are also consistent with the war-plan, which is based on waging low-intensity conflicts with irregular, mercenary troops, proxies and state-sponsored terrorist organizations, under the umbrella of a US/NATO missile shield from Northern Europe to India…

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Hidden US-Israeli Military Agenda: “Break Syria into Pieces”

A timely article in the Jerusalem Post in June brings to the forefront the unspoken objective of US foreign policy, namely the breaking up of Syria as a sovereign nation state –along ethnic and religious lines– into several separate and “independent” political entities.

Was das dritte EU-Energiepaket mit dem Krieg in Syrien zu tun hat

Die PARS Gasfelder können, zusammen mit den Gasfeldern im Levanthin Becken des östlichen Mittelmeers, die Gasenergie Versorgung der EU und von Nahost, auch bei weiterhin steigenden Verbrauch für die kommenden 100 – 120 Jahre decken. Die Pipeline war zu Beginn der Unruhen in Syrien bis Damaskus fertiggestellt. Wenn das Projekt erfolgreich abgeschlossen werden kann wird eine Russisch – Iranische Allianz 40 – 50 % des Erdgases, dass in der EU über die kommenden hundert Jahre verbraucht wird, liefern. Diese Entwicklung ist insbesondere für die USA und Israel nicht akzeptabel…

Nabucco, Iran, EU und Russland

Die Patriot-Raketen-Entscheidung des Bundestages mit der Entsendung von bis zu 400 deutschen Soldaten in die Türkei ist in einem größeren Zusammenhang zu sehen, der die gesamte Region in den Blick nimmt…

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