Voices of Transition

Official trailer with subtitles

Voices of Transition is an inspiring, award-winning movie about how to achieve a better (food) system. The film showcases community-led action in Cuba, innovative farming methods in France and the powerful transition movement in the UK.

The film has already catalyzed more than 20 transition initiatives, which is why we like to call it an “action” movie: please use it to inspire your own neighborhood and don’t forget to bring spades to the screening! You will want to use them. “a new vision of how our food system could be” “a very powerful tool”
Rob Hopkins, founder, Transition movement

“This precious film is about shaping the future here and now. With our tiny steps and solidarity, we will make sure the Tree of Life grows!
Vandana Shiva, physicist


The intl’ DVD features the following subtitles: English, Spanish, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese (Mandarin), Croatian, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Turkish, Tschech. Soon you will also find the links on our website for ordering NTSC versions if you are in the US or Japan.


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