ISIS – Islamischer Staat! Made by USA! Die Wahrheit über den IS die jeder wissen sollte

Die Wahrheit über ISIS “Islamischer Staat” – in Anlehnung an den Originaltitel: Truth in Media: Origin of ISIS

Veröffentlichung mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Ben Swann

ISIS / IS entschleiert: US-General Wesley Clark erklärt das schmutzige Geheimnis

CNN-Interview mit US-General Wesley Clark (veröffentlicht auf YouTube 17.2.2015), ehemaliger Supreme Allied Commander Europe der NATO, 1990 NATO-Oberbefehlshaber im Kosovo.


“Also, man ist deswegen ein bisschen im Dilemma, wir müssen diese Art Verwirrung darüber sein lassen. Wir brauchen die Erlaubnis, den Hinweisen zu folgen, die Truppen reinzulassen und das auszuspielen.

ISIS wurde gestartet durch die Finanzierung unserer Freunde und Verbündeten, denn die Leute in der Region werden Ihnen sagen: ‘Wenn Sie jemand wollen, der Hisbollah bis zum Tod bekämpft, so hängen Sie nicht ein Rekrutierungsplakat auf und sagen: ‘Verpflichten Sie sich bei uns’ oder ‘Wir machen eine bessere Welt’. Sie haben es auf Glaubenseiferer abgesehen!”


Brandon Martinez

ISIS 101- What’s really terrifying about this threat

ISIS certainly is not what a great many people think that it is, if you judge what they think by what our corporate press proclaims incessantly. Judging by what ISIS actually does and whom its acts benefit, its clandestine associates, and the testimony of some witnesses, ISIS is a complex intelligence operation.

– John Chuckman

Its complexity reflects at least in part the fact that it serves the interests of several countries and that it has more than one objective. Its complexity reflects also the large effort to reinforce a false image with disinformation and staged events such as a video of a beheading which could not have been a beheading unless they’ve discovered a bloodless method until now unknown to science. The subject of ISIS is not without brief glimmers of humor. The image of bands of men, swathed in Arabic robes and bumping their way around the desert in Japanese pick-up trucks with Kalashnikovs raised in the air for every picture has elements of Monty Python.

The idea of modern, trained and well-armed military units turning and running from them resembles a war scene in a Laurel and Hardy comedy such as the one with Hardy stuck upside down in a WWI tank turret kicking his legs the whole time Laurel drives towards the German positions managing accidentally to round-up a whole trench-full of prisoners with some wire fencing that becomes snagged on the tank. Despite the tiresome stupidities we see and hear about it, ISIS unquestionably does kill people and destroy things, that being its purpose, and there is no humor in that.

ISIS appears to have served several tasks so far. First, it frightened Iraq’s Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, out of office in Iraq, a man America and Israel grew very much to dislike owing simply to his good relations with Iran, one of the unintended consequences of America’s invasion of Iraq being expanded Iranian influence in the region.

No doubt al-Maliki was terrified not so much by ISIS approaching in their pick-up trucks as he was by his own military’s tendency, as if on cue, to turn and run from ISIS, often leaving weapons behind. The message was clear: you won’t be protected. Second, America’s highly selective “air war” against ISIS somehow manages to attack infrastructure targets inside Syria with the feeble excuse that they are facilities helping ISIS. We’ve seen what American bombing can do when it’s undertaken seriously, and somehow I have a hard time imagining the men in Japanese pick-ups lasting long when faced with what hit the Taliban in Afghanistan or Gadaffi’s forces in Libya.

The air strikes are partly a show for the world – after all, how can America be seen not to be fighting such extremely well-advertised, super-violent terrorists, guys putting out videos regularly from a studio trailer they must haul around with one of their pick-up trucks?

The air strikes’ main purpose appears to be a way of hurting Assad and assisting those fighting Syria’s army without coming into conflict with Russia, as they would with a large, direct campaign. They likely also punish elements of ISIS which have exceeded their brief and serve as a reminder to the rest of what could happen to them if they stray too far from their subsidized purpose once the war comes to an end. …

Irak und Iran: Wir haben Belege, dass die USA den IS direkt unterstützen

Der iranische General Mohammed Reza Naqdi hat erklärt, dass nach seinen Informationen die USA den Islamischen Staat (IS) direkt unterstützen. Als Beweise führte er unter anderem an, dass US-Flugzeuge regelmäßig Munitions- und Waffenpakete in Gegenden abwerfen die unter IS-Kontrolle stehen. Bereits zuvor hatten Vertreter des irakischen Parlaments ähnliche Vorwürfe gegen die USA erhoben.

“US-Amerikaner unterstützen direkt den IS und US-Flugzeuge werfen regelmäßig benötigte Güter für den IS im Irak ab“,

wird der Militärkommandeur von der iranischen Nachrichtenagentur Farsnews zitiert.

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