Essential history: ‘Forever debt’ Federal Reserve system invented to pay interest without ever ever ever repaying debt – definition of ‘Ponzi scheme’

Ponzi scheme: criminal fraud of paying existing “investors” only and always from new “investors.” Collapse occurs without new “investors” and/or existing “investors” panic to cash-in.

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The US Federal Reserve is based on the 1694-created Bank of England because this model allows government finance with debt that is never meant to be repaid. It is an “investment” model that pays interest guaranteed through tax collection. Its invention was to finance England’s government and military in a history of continuous centuries of war.

Carl Herman

It’s cleverness allowed British finance to fund a short-term empire over rival European powers.

Although we can appreciate this historical manipulation, this is a Ponzi scheme because the system collapses without new “investors” of government debt securities.

This Ponzi scheme model is our US Federal Reserve System today:

US Treasury securities of bills, notes, and bonds continuously mature and must be repaid if the owner chooses to cash-in rather than renew the debt security. The US federal government debt is now $19 trillion, having risen over a trillion each year of the Obama administration.

This amount of total debt compared with ~100 million US households means that the average US household of ~$50,000 annual income owes ~$190,000 each should investors withdraw from this US government funding scheme. If your household income is more than $50,000, then use this ratio to estimate your share for repayment; for example, a $150,000 annual family income would owe $570,000 if US Treasury holders requested repayment rather than continue rolling-over their loans to the US government.

Obviously, this system is at risk to at least devalue family’s existing savings to the degree the public reverses considering this Ponzi scheme as a “wise investment strategy.” …

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