More than 95% Reduction in Material and Energy Use with the SolarScooter

I have developed a solar scooter that fulfils about 80% to 90% of the mobility needs in a urban environment while only using about 1% of the material and energy input of a normal car or an electric car.

– Hans Boës

With the #SolarScooter I can easily get through the traffic, even when there is traffic jam – I never stop because I can use the bike lanes.

The #SolarScooter has a weight of about 20 kg and a battery weight of about 2 kg. Modern electric cars can easily reach a weight of 2 tons, the batteries have a weight of 400 kg or more. All this to get in urban traffic on average 1.1 persons through the city. 80% of these rides end after 6 kilometres.

With this scooter I can easily fulfil most of my mobility needs with only a fraction of the material and energy input of a normal car or even any electric car. From my point of view it is much better to use only a small lithium ion battery instead of almost half a ton per car. Because the weight of the vehicle is only between 5% to 1% of a car, the energy use is also minimal.

500 Wh is the most the battery can take, then my “tank” is full. With this energy I can get up to 2 hous of driving. This equals the amount of energy used when taking a warm shower for about 1 minute.

This means the SolarScooter uses only a little more than 1 KWh per 100 km, which equals about 0,1 l of gasoline use per 100 km. This is only a fraction what is used in modern cars – if they are fossil or electric driven.

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