REPORT: WikiLeaks RAIDED & SEIZED by Government; Julian Assange “Missing”- Gag Orders Served Upon Wiki Staff as of November 17

A stunning claim from a WikiLeaks Staffer who says he violated a US National Security Letter to make public the fact that WikiLeaks has been taken over by government and is no longer safe.

– Newsroom

He also says Julian Assange is “missing’ and presumed in Custody, while government operators use WikiLeaks computers to give the APPEARANCE that all is well.

The alleged staffer claims that WikiLeaks Twitter account and all other WikiLeaks computers were raided and seized by governments worldwide the night Julian Assange Internet Access was cut off by the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Claiming to be one of “15 WikiLeaks staffers who were all RAIDED by various governments at the same time that Julian Assange Internet access was cut-off” this person – we do not know if it is male or female so we decided to refer to this person as “he”- says he was handed a National Security Letter containing a Gag Order, but mustered the courage to break the Gag Order to reveal the situation to the world.

He calls the worldwide raids by Intelligence agencies (on the night Julian Assange Internet access was cut off) “unprecedented worldwide cooperation” and states that this was done at the behest of US Officials desperate to conceal a worldwide Pedophile Ring being operated by — and for the benefit of — some of the highest ranking political officials in countries like the US, China, Italy and France. He goes on to say that if word of this pedophile ring was made public, with the PROOF that it is true, several major governments would collapse, destroying the world economy and causing utter chaos.

He goes on to say that massive “Distributed Denial of Service (Ddos) activity which crippled much of the US east coast over the few days after Assange was cut off, was designed to HALT the “Dead Man’s Switch” that WikiLeaks had created in case of government raids, and that the Ddos actually WORKED to prevent the Dead Man’s Switch from being activated. …

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