Key Reasons Why Carter’s Comments on Russian Operation in Syria Are ‘Delusional’

The US Secretary of Defense has recently downplayed Russia’s role in fighting Daesh in Syria by blatantly claiming that Russia had done “virtually zero.”

Commenting on the remarks of the outgoing US military chief, Gregory Copley, an expert in International Strategic Studies, reminded Sputnik that it was actually the US which created Daesh.

Russia’s Efforts in Fighting Daesh ‘Virtually Zero’, Ash Carter Claims The US Secretary of Defense has claimed Russia had done “virtually zero” in the fight against so-called Islamic State (ISIL/Daesh) in Syria. Ash Carter made such a statement on Sunday in an interview with NBC’s Meet the Press. According to the US military chief, the US and its coalition partners are “carrying the burden” of fighting Islamic State militants “by themselves.”

The Pentagon chief went on to say that Russia’s involvement in Syria made the ending of the Syrian civil war harder. He noted that this happened because Moscow failed to align with Washington’s intention to oust the country’s President Bashar Assad and bring the moderate opposition into the Syrian government. Moscow started its anti-terrorist campaign in Syria in September, 2015, following an official request from the Syrian government.

Since then a bulk of terrorist positions have been destroyed by Russian aircraft, helping the Syrian forces to liberate a number of areas and cities, including Aleppo.

Radio Sputnik discussed the issue with Gregory Copley, editor of a group of publications, named Defense & Foreign Affairs and President of the parent organization International Strategic Studies Association.

“Ash Carter is not a strategist, he is a technocrat, who was brought in essentially to stabilize the procurement processes in the US Department of Defense. His inexperience is showing and the fact is that in his comment he was either delusional or deliberately misleading,”

he told Sputnik. The reality is that he has become a blade, exceptionally politically partisan supporting the statements of the outgoing Obama White House, he further explained.

However the reality is, the expert reminded, that the US itself actively supported Daesh by supporting Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in their operations inside Syria. These are the countries which actively started, continued and sustained the so-called “civil” war in Syria. There would not have been this spontaneous “civil” war there without the active participation of US, Turkish, Qatari and Saudi aid, money and foreign fighters. Basically it was the situation of the US’ own making. …

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