‘Triangular Diplomacy’: What’s Really Behind Kissinger’s Turn Toward Russia

US political scientist and former diplomat Henry Kissinger has endorsed Trump’s pragmatic approach toward Russia.

– Sputniknews

However, there are questions as to what really lies behind Kissinger’s turn toward Moscow and whether the US establishment will lend its sympathetic ear to Kissinger’s advice or continue to throw sand in Trump’s gears.

Henry Kissinger, former US Secretary of State and ex-Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs, believes that Washington and Moscow should turn towards each other and start a serious dialogue.

Speaking at the Davos Economic Forum Friday, the former American diplomat praised the “less confrontational and more political approach” toward Russia demonstrated by US President Donald Trump.

Russia Has ‘Secured the Equilibrium of the World’ Many Times

“President Trump has indicated that he would favor a less confrontational and more political approach [toward Russia]. I agree with the general attitude,” he pointed out.

“I think Russia is a country with a very special history, of eleven times zones, touching Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Its impact on all these areas is considerable. It has been the cause of many tensions but also securedthe equilibrium of the world in the face of challenges from Asia and from various countries in Europe,” Kissinger emphasized.

The US politician expressed hope that an effort will be made to achieve a serious dialogue in order to avoid “a drift towards confrontation.” He underscored that Europe, America and Russia need to come to some agreement “about the limits within which military pressure is carried out.” “That is, what I think, one of the major tasks of the new administration,” Kissinger stressed.

In the past few years the former American diplomat has repeatedly advocated establishing working relations between the US and Russia, and with good reason.

As Kissinger noted in his op-ed for The National Interest, “in the emerging multipolar order, Russia should be perceived as an essential element of any new global equilibrium.” …


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