Uranus Goes Forward In Early December: The Conflict Escalates!

The Horoscope Of The World, 16 november 2011


[michaellutin.com] This planetary event is heralding the escalation of worldwide unrest, mainly due to the formation of a seriously tense configuration with Pluto in the sign of Capricorn.

The result in early December: More open confrontations: The more intense the protests, the harsher the crackdowns, even to a point where not even the police but the military must be brought in to restore order..

Why should this be?

These new “revolutionaries” get the notion that a Plutocratic “elite,” are plotting, manipulating and secretly intending to erode and undermine the freedom of expression as well as destroy any semblance of a democratic process. This would be replaced by a tyrannical Father-Knows-Best regime of highly placed financial “demons” whose goal it is to dominate masses and wipes out their individual freedoms, while centralizing the wealth even further.


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