Will the Deep State Launch a ‘False Flag’ in Syria on Russia’s Election Day?

The United States is closer to a war with Russia than anytime since the Cuban missile crisis, but brainwashed Americans don’t have a clue about what’s going on.

– Mike Whitney

Here’s what’s happening: The US’s situation in Syria has significantly deteriorated in the last two weeks. Washington hoped that its CIA-backed militants would be able to maintain a toehold in East Ghouta allowing them to continue to fire mortars and rockets into the urban center of Damascus thus putting additional pressure on the Syrian government. But the flow of jihadists from Raqqa and al Tanf in the east, was unexpectedly cut off by battle-hardened combat troops from the Lebanese militia, Hezbollah. That blockade was followed by the encirclement of the East Ghouta pocket by elite units of the Tiger Forces that rapidly split the battlespace into three cauldrons that have shrunk with every passing day.

The Syrian Army (SAA) ground assault on terrorist enclaves has been swift, focused and ferocious. In a matter of days, the SAA has recaptured 70 percent of rebel-held territory, killing hundreds of jihadists in the onslaught while Russian bombers have pounded their hideaways mercilessly for more than two weeks. The Syrian blitz has been a wake-up call for the Washington warlords who clung to the faint hope that their Sunni footsoldiers would be able to hang on indefinitely and reverse the course of the war. With the collapse of East Ghouta and the ongoing routing of the mostly foreign-born proxies, that hope has gone up in smoke. If the Battle of Aleppo was Syria’s Stalingrad, (WW2 “turning point”) then the Battle of East Ghouta was Syria’s Battle of Kursk, “the theater that held the key to overall victory in the war.” The outcome of the war in Syria is no longer in doubt. The Axis of Resistance won. (aka– Russia-Syria-Iran, Hezbollah)

This is why Washington is in a state of panic, they can finally see the handwriting on the wall. Their precious New World Order is being ground into dust in a pock-marked urban wastelands 10,000 miles from Washington. And, that’s why the rabid Nikki Haley has ramped up her hyperbolic performances at the UN Security Council. Here’s what she said just last week: …



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