Magnificently Idiotic Piece of Staged White-Helmet Propaganda

Absolutely pathetic. White Helmets terrorizing children purely for propaganda purposes.

– LiveLeak

The man holding the children is screaming “Tayara”, which means airplane, referring to the Syrian Air Force and the Russian Aerospace Forces that have been conducting airstrikes on militants in the area.

Notice how he screams “tayara” and runs off, simply to elicit the childrens screams and capture them on camera, for you, the Western audience.

Notice how no one around him pays any attention to the supposedly incoming airplanes and go about their business, either sitting in place, or walking by carefree.
Notice the women in the background, presumably the mothers of the children, allowing their children to be used in such a blatant manner. …

#Kriegslügen — #USandISIS#WhiteHelmets

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