‘A lot of media belongs to 1% that OWS rally against’

Social media is key in getting OWS protesters together as a lot of the mainstream media belong to the very 1 per cent of the wealthy and powerful that the OWS are protesting against, an activist for the action group has told RT.

Ricken Patel comes from an online citizen-action group that has been providing web support for Occupy campaigners. He told RT that their aim was helping establish the connection between different groups that were occupying different locations all around the world.

“One of the key tactics that authorities used was to de-legitimize this,” he noted.
As to why some of the mainstream media are not treating these massive rallies seriously, Patel spoke of varying reasons for that.

“You’ve got a powerful communications system that is driving other narratives – that these are marginal and fringe elements. A lot of media is corporate, it is part of the 1 per cent that these people are protesting against. But also I think there is a failure of the movement to articulate itself in a way that it would be understood.”


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