Video: Senator Exposes Syrian WMD False Flag

Listening to Virginia Senator Richard Black talk realpolitik with zero BS gives me hope for the world! I didn’t know there was a serving Senator who speaks freely, like this! The 31-year military veteran who has spent a lot of time in Syria talks about the rogue CIA, Hillary’s murder of Libyan Ambassador Stevens, Barack Obama’s arming of ISIS and so much more with the weary yet sober demeanor of a wizened insider.

– Forbidden Knowledge TV

Some among my readers still believe parts of the Mainstream Media (CIA) false narrative and wrote nasty things in response to my newsletter yesterday with the video by Jake Morphonios. This interview with Senator Dick Black from Virginia goes way further, substantiating Morphonios’ allegations and exposing so much more skullduggery in SyriaLibya and beyond.

After the previous false flag bombing in Syria early this past February, Senator Richard Black joined The Truth Viral’s Bobby Powell for a conversation.



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