U.S. Harry S. Truman Aircraft Carrier Starts Carying Out Sorties Over Syria From Mediterranean: US Navy

On May 3, the Harry S. Truman Carrier Strike Group (HSTCSG) started air operations in support of the US-led coalition’s military operation in Syria and Iraq, the US Navy said in a statement on May 5.

– Southfront

“Our flight operations in support of OIR demonstrate the continued commitment of the U.S. and regional partner nations to eliminating the terrorist group ISIS, and the threat it poses to the international community,” Commander, HSTCSG, Rear Adm. Gene Black said.

The HSTCG is currently deployed in eastern Mediterranean. According to the US Navy’s statement, aircraft from Carrier Air Wing (CVW) 1’s strike fighter squadrons conducted sorties over Syria. However, it is not clear if these aircraft have carried out strikes on any targets in the country.

The US Navy provides the following info about the carrier strike group deployed in the Mediterranean: …


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