Israel Kills 52, Wounds 1,700 Gazans In “Terrible Massacre” As US Opens Jerusalem Embassy

– Tyler Durden

Update III (12:00 pm ET): The death toll has climbed to 52, the health ministry says.

* * *

Update II (11:30 am ET): The death toll from today’s massacre has climbed to 43. Meanwhile, the Gaza Ministry of Health is urging Egypt to temporarily open its border to allow the transfer of patients to specialist Egyptian hospitals due to the sheer number of complex injuries (read gunshot wounds).

They’re also asking for drugs, emergency medical disposables and dispatch medical teams.

Meanwhile, Turkey has stepped up as the first nation to condemn this morning’s mass killing.

* * *

Update: In what is now the most deadly day since the beginning of Hamas’s six-week-long “March for Return” demonstrations back in March, The Palestinian Health Ministry said the death toll from Monday morning’s “terrible massacre” in Gaza has risen to 41 – with more than 1,700 wounded.

According to RT, which translated the announcement, the wounded include 74 children and 23 women, while a 12-year-old and 14-year-old were counted among the dead.

They also issued a revised estimate of 35,000 for the number of protesters who gathered along 10 areas at the Gaza border fence.

Live bullets caused most of the injuries, while some 320 people were hit with teargas. The health ministry said Israel was deliberately targeting emergency health services and journalists, who were clearly marked.

Meanwhile, the IDF said fighter planes targeted Hamas outposts near the village of Jabalya after Israeli soldiers said they were fired on in the area. …


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