Global Population Growth Ceased in 1988…Population Has Only Grown Older Since

I’d kind of forgotten about this article I was working on that was left sitting in my drafts…and thought I’d post it even though I’ve shuttered my blog.  Make of it what you will.

– Chris Hamilton

Global births, per five year periods, according to the UN.  The world stopped growing about 1988…and has only grown older since.

Births and UN medium and low variant estimates through 2040…plus my best estimate of the most likely births.  Despite the significantly larger (older) total population, births continue to languish and appear set to decline.  Since 2000, total births are declining everywhere except Africa.

Assuming the UN medium variant…chart below shows births by Africa, S. Asia (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Iran, Sri Lanka) and the world minus Africa / S. Asia..

Or, looking at births by GNI (gross national income) per capita.  Only the poorest nations are having more children, while all other nations (by income) are having significantly fewer (high income and upper middle) or stalling (lower middle income nations). …


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