War or Peace?

American politicians provoke a slew of emotions, from tears of rage to tears of laughter. But perhaps the uppermost emotion is one of pity.

– Finian Cunningham

With a few honorable exceptions, it is such a pity that the American people are misled by such buffoons. It is such a pity that the American and Russian people — who have so much in common as human beings — are nevertheless being driven towards a state of war by these buffoonish politicians.Senator Rand Paul, like his father Ron, is an honorable exception.

Paul was in Russia last week offering a hand of peace and dialogue.

Back home, however, the Congress is dominated by Democrat and Republican war-makers, not lawmakers, who harbor such irrational bitterness towards Russia. They are clamoring for war with their ludicrous sanctions against Moscow.

Frankly, the United States does not have a government. It is a regime.

What else can we call it when the interests and needs of the vast majority of the nation are not served. A president, Donald Trump, was elected in part because he pledged to normalize relations with Russia. …


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