Testimony of Ronald Bernard about heavily damaged children and our liberation

This testimony of Ronald Bernard gives you inside information about his life, how the world works, your inner child, the ‘program’ and the effects on damaged children. This testimony will raise the awareness in general. Original source: https://commission.itnj.org

Ronald gave this testimony in the Westminster seatings of London for the International Tribunal for Natural Justice (ITNJ) Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking & Child Sex Abuse. Please sign the ITNJ Treaty: https://www.itnj.org/itnj/itnj-treaty

Ab 21:00

“And then you start to work for Banks, independent. And doing the dirty work. For Central Banks, for Multinationals, for Governments, for what they call now terrorist organizations and all secret services.

Hey! Secret services? Yes!

And then on top, like the peach or the fruit of the cake: Churches.


You get the whole palette where the money flows, the big money.

And you get invitation to join in these circles. They want to move all the money worldwide. To start wars. To start all the misery in this planet.

Because there is nearly no misery on this planet in a natural way, most of them is created.

Because they keep the system running, because it´s a dualistic system. They make the money only when it´s dualistic. And if we have all the sheep, these energy containers they use only to suck, if they are asleep, fine, you can do whatever you want.”


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