The White Helmets, Hala Systems and the Grotesque Militarization of “Humanitarianism” in Syria

Vanessa Beeley looks at how the now-infamous White Helmets partnered with Chicago-based Hala Systems to militarize so-called humanitarian efforts in Syria.

  • Vanessa Beeley

Syria, August 2019 – reports came in that Russian warplanes had destroyed two terrorist-manned early warning radar posts in the Northern Hama countryside, known as the 20th post and the Eagle post.

According to an article published by South Front, these early warning posts are “tasked with monitoring flights of Russian and Syrian warplanes” and warn armed groups throughout Hama and Idlib of incoming airstrikes on their positions.

South Front informed us that “four militants, including two commanders known as Abu Jalbib and Abdo al-Nasan, were killed during the Russian attacks on the posts”. Based on that information it is clear that these posts are military and not “humanitarian” surveillance bases.

September 2019 – according to reports from Syrian Alikhbaria TV channel (in Arabic), Nusra Front or Al Qaeda terrorists (rebranded as Hayat Tahrir Al Sham or HTS) installed surveillance cameras at the western side of the Abu Duhur humanitarian corridor at Al-Sultan hill to monitor civilians who attempt to flee the terrorist-held areas of Idlib to safe zones controlled by the Syrian Arab Army and Russian military and humanitarian agencies.

On September 26th 2019, medical sources informed Al Watan newspaper in Damascus that Nusra Front terrorists opened fire on civilians trying to use the Abu Duhur corridor – 2 civilians were killed and 20 others wounded.

The targeting of civilians attempting to flee terrorist-occupied and controlled areas of Syria is a familiar one, reported in East Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta as the SAA advanced towards final liberation of these districts. The value of these civilians for the terrorists is primarily as human shields, hostages to be used as instruments to turn back the inevitable sweep to victory of the SAA across Syria.

It has also been reported to me, by civilians and medical staff in the region, that the armed groups demand upwards of $ 500 of an already impoverished civilian population to be allowed to exit via these Russian/Syrian-established corridors.

Who is providing the terrorist groups still occupying the north-west of Syrian territory, Idlib, with the surveillance equipment and early warning technology to monitor airstrikes and civilian movement?

This article will provide evidence that the White Helmets are a militarized faux “humanitarian” organisation, seemingly providing essential early warning technology to alert the armed groups of imminent airstrikes by Syria and Russia.

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (UK FCO) is one of the primary financiers of this pseudo “first responder” group that has usurped the original and Syrian Civil Defence, established inside Syria in 1953.

The White Helmets are already proven to be auxiliaries of the multiple extremist offshoots or forerunners of Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria – this article will demonstrate the extent to which the group provides cover for the supply of military and “humanitarian” equipment that essentially enables the armed groups to combat the Syrian military campaign to reclaim “every inch” of Syrian territory from the terrorist groups acting as proxies for the US Coalition and their allies in the Gulf States, Israel and Turkey. …


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