HOPE IS BACK: The Engineered Coronary-19 Influenza (ec19i) oppression and resistance

The oppression:

Today, the 31/05/2020, the worldwide count of deaths per million people is 47.6 (0.00476%), as
a) the current disaster exit vision is of grounded disconnected people while army of iots (Internet Of Things) running on renewable energy are completing human shortages or punishing them and while human connections and transactions are almost entirely digital;
b) home working people are serving their debt until machine will replace human;
c) the 5G infrastructure was approved without research about its effects on human immune system and
d) the Engineered Coronary-19 Influenza (ec19i) was initially distributed where the 5G was already installed (December 2019 — in Wuhan China), which reasonably is not the home of its distributors and engineers.

This ec19i oppression is serving to cover-up the dangerous 5G worldwide infrastructure installation including forcing chip ID in vaccine — a chip which is to be integrated with the 5G technologies, while
a) overshadowing the Gaps in knowledge and resources crisis, Economic and Debt crisis, the Climate crisis and the Democratic crisis, which we are all globally experiencing,
b) being controlled by the dictatorship of specialized bureaucrats running their behavioral and ethical trained AI with huge margin of mistakes, bureaucrats which are always also paid in the corruptive private sector.

Any diagnostic in doubt is recorded as positive ec19i and and the main data show is not compared with the non ec19i Influenza casualties in the current and earlier years.

The main contributor for the World Health Organization (who), which is the one who is self put to manage the current catastrophe, is the monopolist bill gates, who called for Reducing Population Growth — A talking which trigger a new “understanding” for “Population Dilution” (15% of 9 billion =1.35 billion), a thing which was tested by the Nazis in the previous millennium, tested and failed also with some Jewish Residual Overturn.

Hence Population Dilution Makers and Collaborators must expect later some Residual Overturn over them.

The resistance:

People wearing an identifiable strip of fabric with agreed (set of) color/s, can find each other in public spaces, then sit-in on same color/s sheet to sing, discuss and invite others to meet-ups in more private situations while getting organized for long terms in independent forms of living such as specified in the https://hopeisback.com/



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