Exclusive: Osama bin Laden’s Nose and Left Ear

[sott.net] I’m sure we’re all very tired by now of the Osama bin Laden nonsense, I know I am, and I really wish it would just go away. Sadly, that seems an unlikely prospect in the near future.

I’ve already provided more than enough evidence for all rational people to seriously doubt the authenticity of the “Osama bin Laden is dead” story. I’ve also exposed the many faked images and videos of the alleged terrorist mastermind that were released over the past 10 years. But the US government and CIA aren’t ready to quit just yet. It would appear that they’re determined to push the boundaries of belief and exploit public credulousness to the max (and perhaps beyond).

Osama hat ganz neue Ohren…

Der alte Osama

Der neue Osama

weitere Bilder und Einzelheiten:

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