America Lying About ISIS and Everything

America’s fraudulent Middle East adventures exposed

– Gordon Duff

A few weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal ran an article about CIA training camps in Jordan. The expose was a hoax. The WSJ is a Murdoch/Israeli publication that was providing cover to the CIA/Jordanian/Israeli nexus supporting ISIS and Al Nusra against the Damascus government.

The story in the WSJ described lack of funding, total lack of ammunition and supplies and told of a failed operation with few recruits and little US involvement. The story was a lie. There are massive weapons depots outside Amman that supply ISIS and supply lines from the Red Sea ports of both Israel and Jordan that run directly into the Daara region of Syria.

This is one lie, we will be looking at many, working to identify the criminal conspiracy behind ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Nusra and the gangsters in Yemen working with the Saudis and, moreover asking questions as to why an entire US fleet is now centered on Yemen and all American air power is redeployed from ISIS and now in either “stand down” or actively supporting the Saudi air campaign on behalf of ISIS and Al Qaeda.

Phony Coalition

America’s “coalition of the willing” war against ISIS had, some weeks ago, ground to a halt. The “fall of Tikrit,” the prelude to the fall of Mosul, was to be a move to strangle Mosul and begin softening up ISIS for the move against their capitol. None of this has happened.

US air attacks on ISIS have ended. US drones are no longer over Syria and Iraq. Most US air assets are staying on the ground, while naval air assets have moved south and are supporting the Saudi air war on Yemen. …

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