US Muslim Group Starts Unusual Protest Against Saudi Gov’t

A new, very unusual protest campaign kicks off in the United States that urges people to mail a bunch of potatoes to the Saudi Embassy in Washington to promote public awareness to Saudi Arabia’s grim human rights record.

What are the most effective ways to shed some light and promote awareness on important issues in a modern society obsessed with social media and Internet pranks?

Forget about free lectures on campuses, giving out flyers on the streets or organizing a rally, because these things won’t be as effective as setting up extravagant ways to excite public attention, like doing the famous Ice Bucket Challenge or urging people to mail hundreds of pounds of potatoes to an embassy.

Yes, mailing potatoes or even whole sacks of potatoes to the Saudi Embassy in Washington might soon become the next cool thing to do. Well, at least that’s what Rahat Husain, the advocacy director of the Universal Muslim Association of America (UMMA), hopes for.

“We’re encouraging people to send potatoes to the Saudi Embassy,” Husain said in an interview to Radio Sputnik.

Potatoes themselves, obviously, have nothing to do with human rights abuses in Saudi Arabia, but the UMMA wants to raise awareness and get the word out there, so the general public becomes familiar with Saudi crimes. …

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