Fake News: “The Syrian Revolution” Is A Big Lie, To Justify “America’s Humanitarian Massacre”

This video by Kevork Almassian of Syrianna Analysis says it all.

Syria: NOT A Revolution! (+18)

The terrorists were recruited by US NATO.

March 2011 marks the onslaught of a US-led war using terrorists as their foot-soldiers.

The unspoken objective was to destroy the secular state, create sectarian conflict and install an Islamic proxy state.

Achtung! Einige Szenen für Kinder und Jugendliche nicht geeignet

Syriana Analysis


US Deception: The West’s ‘Peaceful Revolution’ Narrative in Syria Was a Lie From the Beginning

– Patrick Henningsen

This week is the 6th anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian conflict. Despite the mounting evidence and the collapse Washington and London’s failed project, many liberal ‘humanitarian interventionists’ in the West are still clinging to the imaginary storyline of ‘freedom fighters’ in Syria battling against an evil authoritarian tyrant in their fragile bid to preserve their dream of a progressive liberal democratic future in the Middle East. A fairy tale for the ages…

From the beginning of hostilities in 2011, the US, UK, France, the EU, Turkey, Jordan, Israel and the Gulf monarchies, led by Saudi Arabia and Qatar – have all been pumping the fraudulent narrative of a ‘Syrian Revolution’, which was meant to be the latest peaceful installment of the fabled ‘Arab Spring.’  This ornate lie was refined and recycled across all US mainstream, European and Gulf media outlets for the last 6 years, custom designed to give the false impression that “Assad is a brutal dictator” – and just justifying Western and Gulf-backing of religious extremist militants, followed by a protracted US-led ‘Coalition’ bombing campaign in Syria (all of which have been illegal under international law, and US law for that matter).

In truth, US-led plans to overthrow the Syrian government and reshape the country along sectarian lines goes way back…



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