China Is Beating the US in 5G – That’s Why the US Is Attacking Huawei

The universal US surveillance of everyone outside of America could be in serious trouble

– Michael Quinn

This is Russia’s #1 anchor, and he is usually very on-the-money, especially on all things Chinese – this info is probably coming from Chinese sources.

He explains that if the world adopts Chinese 5G technology — they have beaten the US to the punch on this one, and are already rolling it out on a massive global scale — then US universal surveillance of everyone outside of America is in serious trouble. It’s that simple.

Little Miss Meng seems like such a nice lady, weird that the globalists would go after her like that. Now it all makes sense.

Transcript below:


From now on, when speaking of America, we always keep China in mind. The whole world seems to be doing the same. This is because China challenged what America considers unchallengeable – its technological leadership.

But the real balance of power is now such that China, which has managed to focus on its priorities, is going forward in this sphere, leaving America behind. Thus, the Chinese and their transnational company Huawei are now ahead of the rest of the world in the development of 5G telecommunications networks.

If someone has questions, Huawei now has 180,000 employees and provides its services in over 170 countries around the world. Huawei was founded in China as a private company during the years of Gorbachev’s perestroika, in 1987. Ten years later, Russia became its first foreign market.

Now they have impressive results. Of course, Korea’s Samsung phones are now the most popular in the world, but China’s Huawei is the second most popular. They put America’s iPhones into third place. The US is very sensitive about it. Washington doesn’t observe the proprieties in such cases.

Washington is ordering its allies to ban Huawei’s 5G networks in their countries, even if contracts have already been signed. The daughter of Huawei’s CEO was arrested in Canada at the request of the Americans. This is unlikely to be of any help, but simply there seems to be a hysteria in the US. In response, the Chinese arrested two prominent Canadians, just in case, as bargaining chips.

But this isn’t the biggest thing. Beijing is acting on a larger scale. In fact, they’re buying Africa with its resources, uniting Eurasia through the new Silk Road, building relations with Russia, and are aiming at becoming the leader in AI development. Entire cities are being built for this near Beijing and in the south of China, but now, by the total capacity of supercomputers, China, not the US, is first in the world. …

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