The Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) Called the Bluff of the US and Made History

Since the end of WWII the US, as the world hegemon, has conducted coups against many nations, including Iran in 1953.

  • Mohamad Shaaf

Although actions in 1953 are officially confirmed by unclassified CIA documents, the role of the CIA in creating the IRI still remains classified. After the revolution in 1979, the IRI was very popular. However, that popularity was short lived; it was encouraged by the US and allies in an effort to topple the IRI by the establishment and support of four fifth columns: 

1. MKO, with Saudi’s financial support  

2. Pro-monarchy activists, again with Saudi’s support 

3. Israeli government 

4. Iranian Intelligentsia.   

Opposition criticism of the IRI since 1979 has been as follows: 

First, the IRI as a theocracy has been breaking the promise of democracy and deceiving Iranians, therefore, needs to be replaced by a secular democracy.    

Second, the IRI committed executions and imprisoned many Iranians in the name of god, Islam, and the revolution.   

Third, indications suggest that IRI, as an anti-communist force, came to power with the help of the US. It is now known that the IRI has helped the US in Afghanistan and Iraq, though it has been campaigning against the US since coming to power. Those contradictions suggest that, IRI may be a US puppet, as was the Shah.   

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Fourth, policies of IRI resulted in Iranians suffering under US pressure in the form of illegal embargos, threats of war, including nuclear, economic sanctions, and assassinations, resulting in continuous social fear and anxiety for Iranians.   

Fifth, many Iranians have felt the need to immigrate, resulting in hardship, loss of income and wealth, and a steady and massive brain drain.    

Sixth, the IRI war with Iraq, promoted and supported by the US, lasted from 1980 to 1988, costing more than 600,000 lives.    

Seventh, the IRI has made life much more difficult economically as well, including double-digit inflation rate and unemployment, poverty, and inequality.   

Eighth, the state budget has been growing, including massive waste, dependent mainly upon exports of oil. 

However, as yet the IRI has not been toppled.   

IRI Advancing Military Power to Resist the US: Since the Collapse of the USSR in 1989 the strategic value to the US of IRI declined, US threats of war against Iran increased and, after 9-11, the frequency and the level of threats have been increasing steadily. Moreover, as General Clark revealed, the US planned to invade Iran. In response, IRI made a Defense Agreement with Syria in 2005. In December 2011 Iran’s cyber warfare unit seized a US drone, safely landed and successfully copied it; they then started domestic mass production with improvement in precision and range.    …


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