Report: China Has Jailed Hundreds Of People For Questioning Official Coronavirus Narrative

Devastating report details crackdown on dissenters.

  • Steve Watson

China has arrested and imprisoned hundreds of people for merely discussing the coronavirus outbreak in any context that strays from the communist party narrative on the epidemic, according to a report from a US based Chinese organisation.

Fox News pointed to the report by China Digital Times containing statistics that show between Jan. 1 and April 4, nearly 500 hundred people were arrested and charged, merely for talking about the virus.

The indiscretions levelled at those jailed include criticism of the response to the outbreak by the Chinese government, and questioning the number of deaths.

In some cases, people were arrested for pointing out that the seven funeral homes in Wuhan were overwhelmingly busy.

Others were targeted by the CCP for “referring to someone who has already been censored or arrested.”

In one instance, lawyer Zhang Xuezhong was arrested for suggesting that “the government’s long-term tight control over society and people has almost completely destroyed the organization and self-help capabilities of Chinese society.”

Xuezhong was detained after he wrote that “The best way to fight for freedom of expression is for everyone to speak as if we already have freedom of speech,” in a WeChat post that was seen by the authorities.

The South China Morning Post has since reported that Xuezhong was released after “questioning”, and hasn’t responded to requests for comment about his arrest. …


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