Australian uranium mining in Greenland is tearing the country in half

After Greenland’s prime minister repealed a ban on uranium mining, Australian firms are staking out the country for exploitation. Local political opposition is heating up

  • Antony Loewenstein

This is a story about an Australian company you’ve never heard of, operating in a nation that rarely enters the global media: Greenland. It’s a story about the intense search for energy sources in a world that’s moving away from the dirtiest fossil fuels.

Aleqa Hammond, the prime minister of Greenland, is the first woman to lead this autonomous country within the Kingdom of Denmark. She also welcomes the financial opportunities from climate change and a melting Arctic Circle.

“I simply refuse to be the victimised people of climate change”, she told Business Week this month. “This time we have other options than just hunting. We have the right now to our own underground.”

In October last year, Hammond pushed legislation through Greenland’s parliament to overturn a 25 year old ban on the extraction of radioactive materials, including uranium, despite countless leading environmental NGOs urging otherwise. It attracted global interest from the rare earth and uranium industries, including from China. Concerns were also raised about Greenland’s ability to manage a toxic substance in the wake of Fukushima and Chernobyl.

The company Greenland Minerals and Energy Limited (GMEL) is based in Perth, Western Australia. This year GMEL announced a major step forward in their plan to open one of the world’s largest uranium mines in southern Greenland, at Kvanefjeld. The mine will also produce fluoride, thorium and other rare earths. …

Help stopping the Kuannersuit Mining Project in South Greenland

The hearing of the Kuannersuit mining project in South Greenland is currently in effect.

This is a mining project that will be extracting rare earth materials including uranium and thorium.

A report states that this mining project’s electricity is lead by diesel, meaning that the Co2 emissions of Greenland will be increased by 45%.

On top of this, the lives of the local sheep farms that are all within a 26 mile/41km radius will be endangered if any problems should occur in the mining project.

This mining project is only a 40 minute walk away from the population of Narsaq.

The population of Greenland has been trying to fight the initiation of the mine for years in fear of the toxic waste polluting the nature, animals and population of South Greenland and the government is not listening to what they have to say, completely ignoring the democracy of Greenland. …


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